Sunday, August 26, 2012

The end? Inflation hits Obama for America!

I know I am not the only one who has been bombarded with constant emails from the OfA never-ending campaign begging for $3 donations.

In amongst the latest flurry of bleating "The corporate bullies of the Republicans are outspending us blah blah blah" comes a clear sign that inflation has, indeed, touched the OfA. This 'just' in:

Jim Messina,

The end?

From: Barack Obama
Subject: The end?

Friend --

It's August 23rd. And 75 days from now, I'll either be looking at another four years in the White House -- or the end of this opportunity.

I know what's at stake for the parents worrying about health care, the kids who need help to go to college, and the seniors who want a secure retirement.

But we're getting outspent by wide margins in critical battleground states -- and what we do about that today could be the difference between winning and losing on November 6th.

So as we near one of the last fundraising deadlines of this campaign, I'm asking you to pitch in $5 right now:(emphasis mine)

Thanks for all you do,


Paid for by Obama for America

'Nuff said.

And today's CanCon - because I can:

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