Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Royal Marines In AFG: First in, Last out

From MoD:

Royal Marines leave Afghanistan for last time 

9 April 2013

The end of 40 Commando’s (40 Cdo’s) tour marks the end of more than a decade of Royal Marines deployments in the country.

At Main Operating Base (MOB) Price, troops from 40 Cdo symbolically lowered the Royal Navy’s white ensign - that has flown above their base in the Nahr-e Saraj district for the past 6 months - the last time the flag will fly in Helmand province.

First in, last out

40 Cdo is the final Royal Marine unit to serve in Afghanistan after successive deployments which have seen the Green Berets serve in areas such as Sangin, Nahr-e Saraj and Musa Qal’ah.

40 Cdo was also the very first British unit to deploy to the country in 2001, securing Bagram airfield and going on to patrol the streets of Kabul. The equivalent to over 14,000 Royal Marines have deployed on operations in Afghanistan since then. 

The 7,200-strong Royal Marines Corps has deployed its own units to Afghanistan 12 times, with many Marines also deploying attached to other units with various brigades over the past 12 years....

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