Thursday, April 18, 2013

Terrorism: Fear and Anger in Boston

Terrorism has once again exploded on the streets of America, and the usual suspects of 'expert consultants' have been rushing in front of media cameras to pontificate - noisily and ignorantly - about the who/what/why; this even as the Massachusetts National Guard, and First Responders,  do what they do so well: provide care to the injured, the terrorised.

The POTUS may have been reluctant to call what happened an 'act of terrorism,'  but those who have already seen the evil face of terrorism up close and personal showed no such reticence calling the cowardly attack what it is:  TERRORISM.

In amongst the overwhelming noise of 24/7 msm absurd feeding of the fear and anger felt by America - participants and non-participants alike -  some dispassionate, logical voices could be heard dissecting the reality of what happened.

As usual, War On Terror News shares insights that the ignoramuses in the msm could never hope to understand:


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