Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Brian Cowdrey

I remember.......
(Photographer: Brenan Lindsley)

Today is my friend Brian's birthday.

Today, as every day, I think of Brian. As I think about him, I remember the difference he made in so many lives, including mine...

Most of  all I think about Brian the family man, the private man. (Yes, he did adopt me as an official aunty somewhere along the way, and his wife Jill and I have carried on our *family*

Last October, Brian's wife Jill graciously shared with me family pictures and family memories,  allowing me to honour Brian the family man. 

 Of this picture, Jill said:

This is the five of us with my Momma & Pops. We were visiting after Justin graduated high school & right before he went into the Army!

I had to share that one, since just this past weekend, another of Brian's sons graduated High School.  I know his dad is so proud of Nathan..

Of this picture, Jill said:
This is one of the last pictures of Brian and I together. We had gone to Great Wolf Lodge before he deployed in August & in the arcade they had a picture booth. We sat down to take the picture & he leaned in & kissed me. Such a treasured picture now.
 Many more pictures of Brian as family man :

 Remembering SSG Brian Cowdrey - Family man

As my regular readers know, I have written a few times about Brian.

SSG Brian Cowdrey:  "Who I shall I send?" This was the first column,  and one I never imagined I would need to write.

If you do not know Brian, go educate yourself about this HERO through the memories and words of those who knew and love him.

Happy Birthday, Brian...always held tight in the hearts of all who knew you and love you....

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