Thursday, May 22, 2014

MWD Sasha awarded Dickin Medal

From MoD:

Dickin Medal awarded to army dog Sasha

22 May 2014

In a special ceremony at Kensington Town Hall, the PDSA Dickin Medal - known as the animals’ Victoria Cross - has been posthumously awarded to Military Working Dog, Sasha, by actress and PDSA Ambassador, Joanna Page.
The medal was instituted by veterinary charity PDSA in 1943. It is the highest award any animal can receive while serving in military conflict. Sasha, a Labrador who was four-years-old when killed along with her handler, is the 65th PDSA Dickin Medal recipient, and the first since 2012.
It was accepted on Sasha’s behalf by her former handler Sergeant Major Andy Dodds and retired Military Working Dog, Fire, who was also injured in Afghanistan and made an amazing recovery from serious injuries.

Uncovering hidden weapons and IEDS

Sasha was initially deployed in Afghanistan with Sergeant Andy Dodds (now Sergeant Major) of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps attached to the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Their primary role was to search in advance of patrols, providing safe passage for soldiers, uncovering hidden weapons, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and bomb-making equipment.
Sasha’s determination to search and push forward – despite gruelling conditions and relentless Taliban attacks – was described as a morale boost to the soldiers who entrusted their lives to her weapon-finding capability.

On one occasion recalled by regimental colleagues, Sasha was searching a building in Garmsir when she detected two mortars and a large quantity of weaponry, including explosives and mines. This find alone undoubtedly saved the lives of many soldiers and civilians....

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