Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sgt Mom celebrates 90th Birthday on Memorial Day

From FOX out of Tampa Bay:

Female Marine Celebrates 90th Birthday On Memorial Day

May 24 2014

BOSTON- They call her Sergeant Mom. A marine who's dedicated much of her life to America, and this weekend she's set to celebrate quite a milestone.

Sgt. Mom will turn 90 years old on Memorial Day. And on that day we've learned a flag will fly over the US Capitol in her honor. It's impossible to walk into Evelyn Moore's room and not notice she's a marine. From her bedspread to her walls, there is marine memorabilia everywhere.

While she battles with Alzheimer’s her daughter says she still remembers everything about the corps and it keeps her going.

Women marines call her a pioneer and thank her for paving the way.

One of her fans said, “You have led the way for us that follow you and we will always be grateful may God bless you.”

She joined when she was 25 years old and as a lover of fashion she showed up to boot camp in high heels, but that quickly changed. After 5 years of service she got pregnant and tried to hide it for as long as her uniform would allow, because back then if a woman got pregnant she had to leave. And she never wanted to leave...

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