Saturday, May 31, 2014

HMCS Protecteur coming home

Canadian naval supply ship HMCS Protecteur has been towed to Hawaii after a fire disabled the ship. Photograph by: Johans Chavarro , THE CANADIAN PRESS

Back in March, an engine fire on board HMCS Protecteur began a harrowing series of events that resulted in crew injured, and the ship being towed into Pearl Harbour:

The Province:

At the time, Protecteur was nearly 700 kilometres northeast of Hawaii, heading toward its home port of Esquimalt, B.C., with nearly 300 crew members, 17 family members and several civilian contractors aboard.

Commodore Bob Auchterlonie, the commander of the Canadian navy's Pacific fleet, said the ship encountered "an absolute worst-case scenario" of a major fire on board a tanker in the middle of the ocean at night, compounded by a power loss.

"The leadership on board, the professionalism of the sailors and the courage displayed to get through this has been absolutely exceptional," he told reporters after meeting the ship.

Auchterlonie expressed his gratitude for the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. navy's help during the ordeal....

More here, with links to more of the story.

Today, HMCS Protecteur is expected to arrive home in Esquimalt.  From Ottawa Citizen:

HMCS Protecteur Expected Back In Esquimalt on Saturday

David Pugliese 
May 30, 2014 

The Royal Canadian Navy tells Defence Watch that HMCS Protecteur will be soon home.

“We are expecting Protecteur to be at the approaches to Esquimalt harbour tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 0630,” Lt.-Cmdr. Desmond James told Defence Watch. “She will in that area for at least a couple of hours as we transfer her from USNS Salvor to our tugs and then bring her into the harbour.”...

More details here.

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