Thursday, November 13, 2014

Canada: Valour thief at Remembrance Day - Veterans Affairs says "somebody should investigate"!

Still fuming over this one.  As any reader of This Ain't Hell knows,  Military fakes  are an ongoing scourge across the US..

Today, from Canada comes this one, proving that phonies are everywhere. From CBC:

Remembrance Day 'sergeant' Franck Gervais not in the military, DND says'It's an actual Criminal Code offence, so I suspect that somebody should investigate,' minister says

November 12, 2014


The Department of National Defence says Franck Gervais, a man who claimed to be a decorated soldier during Tuesday's Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, is not a member of the Canadian Forces.

After seeing Gervais speaking as a "sergeant" on television, a number of veterans and soldiers called CBC to question his status as a soldier.

It is an offence for someone who is not serving in the military to wear a current military uniform.

"Falsely impersonating a Canadian Armed Forces member is an issue to be taken seriously and is covered under Section 419 of the Criminal Code of Canada," a spokesperson for the Defence Department said in an emailed statement.

"Such activities are a disservice to the proud men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, who earn the right to wear their uniforms through their hard work and the sacrifices they make for our country."...

One of my favourite lines in the whole 'story'??????

...Asked what could be done about the incident, [Veterans Affairs Minister] Fantino said someone should investigate.

"I would suspect that somebody should investigate and pursue the issue. But I have no knowledge of it."...

Really?  Ya think?  Good to know that our Veterans Affairs is 'on the job'...Oh,  never mind...

This Ain't Hell does cover this one, too.

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