Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republicans: Get to work

Major headlines all over today as the Republicans get control of the US Senate

As the celebrations continue, it is a good time to remind the Republicans that now is the time to get back to work.   As This Ain't Hell reminds their readers:   Dear Republicans; You didn't build that   (GO read.)

America has been in a sorry state for the last six years, as gridlock - ending at Harry Reid's desk - has ensured that yes, indeed, Obama and his minions kept their election promise to  change the face of America.

Now what?

NOW is the time for all Patriot politicians - those elected to SERVE and PROTECT the US Constitution - to address, and correct,  the most egregious demonstrations of  the abuse of power so evident over these last six years.

The Republicans must focus on IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, foreign policies dangerous to the US, our Troops and Veterans, VA, GITMO, illegal aliens and border security,  etc etc etc ad nauseum, and the myriad mis-uses of MIC's pen and phone (for a partial list go here).

IF the Republicans do NOT immediately and steadfastly focus on shining the spotlight on ALL that has been anti-Constitutional in the last six years, they haven't a hope in hell of building any momentum for the 2016 elections - which I have no doubt has started this morning.

The American electorate entrusted a mandate to the Republicans last night.

NOW the Republicans must get to work and prove worthy of those votes.

WE, The People, demand it.

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