Monday, November 17, 2014

Falkland Military exercises: Argentina not happy

Actually, Argentina is pissed off.  Imagine that!

From Western Daily Press:

Royal Navy's frigate's gunfire agitates Argentina
15 November 2014

The firing of a Royal Navy frigate's guns off the Falkland Islands was part of routine military exercises, the UK insisted after Argentina lodged a formal complaint over what it called a "provocation".

British charge d'affaires in Buenos Aires Richard Barlow was handed a formal letter of protest after being summoned over the alleged attempt to "demonstrate the British warship's firepower".


HMS Iron Duke last month fired 136 shells during a day of high-explosive training in San Carlos Water and Falkland Sound – the scene 32 years ago of the landings to retake the islands from the Argentinians.

A statement issued through the Argentine embassy said the live firing "constitutes a further provocation on the part of the United Kingdom Government in an attempt to demonstrate the British warship's firepower. An MoD spokesman said: "Royal Navy warships undertake regular training in the use of their weapon systems.The gunfire exercise conducted by HMS Iron Duke in the Falkland Islands took place some weeks ago in October and was part of a routine training schedule."

More here on this latest kerfuffle. . (For more history, put "Falkland Islands" in the search engine at top left)

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