Thursday, November 13, 2014

Israel: Canadian Sgt-at-Arms says "It's not about me"; Israel disagrees

Kevin Vickers, who was part of the team responsible for putting down the terrorist who killed Cpl Nathan Cirillo at the Ottawa War Memorial three weeks ago, is in Israel attending events related to homeland security.

From National Post (Canada)

‘This is not about me’: As Kevin Vickers honoured in Israel for actions protecting Parliament, he remains silent and stoic


Kevin Vickers went to Israel’s Parliament on Wednesday, where he was honoured for his heroics in the Canadian Parliament. The Sergeant-at-Arms conducted himself much as he had since he ended the attack on Ottawa exactly three weeks earlier.

There was a statement to the press, his first yet, but only a brief one. And it offered all accolades to his staff, deflecting all unseemly glory.

“Though I’m honoured to think [you’re] excited about me, I wish and hope you realize it’s about the entire team that performed very well on that day,” he said in a video that was subsequently circulated by Israeli officials.

‘‘This is not about me. This is about the team of Commons security services,’’ he added later....

Mr Vickers may be an unwilling Hero, but it appears that France also thinks he is a "hero all across the world."  Go read that article too.

To me, Mr Vickers IS a typical Hero:  he insists he was 'just doing my job.'

Thank you, Sir, for the 'job' you did that terrible day in Canada's capital...

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