Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ISIS and chemical weapons?

Obama has been under fire the last few days for saying he has "no complete strategy" for  a US role in training  Iraqis against ISIS..  As daily news comes of ISIS rampaging unhindered through huge swaths, now comes news that should surprise nobody.

From The Independant(UK):

Isis recruiting 'highly trained foreigners' to produce chemical weapons 

 7 June, 2015
Alexander Wolf

The terrorist group Isis is recruiting “highly trained professionals” to make chemical weapons – and has already used them in an attack.The Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, said the group was now undertaking "serious efforts" to develop their chemical weapons arsenal.

Speaking to the Australia Group, which is composed of nations against chemical weapons, she said:

“Da’esh [Isis] is likely to have amongst its tens of thousands of recruits the technical expertise necessary to further refine precursor materials and build chemical weapons,” Ms Bishop added.

Ms Bishop’s speech is the latest concern that Isis is attempting to acquire nuclear and chemical and biological weapons, after India warned the extremists could obtain a nuclear weapon from Pakistan.

It was reported in March that Isis had been attacking Iraqi soldiers with roadside bombs containing chlorine gas in fighting around Tikrit, after footage emerged showing plumes of orange smoke emerging for the bombs....


[Ms Bishops says]  They seek to undermine and overthrow that order – and as we have seen, are prepared to use any and all means – any and all forms of violence they can think of to advance their demented cause.

Much more here.   GO read it all.

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