Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Video: When Iran screams "death to America" - believe them

POTUS proudly asserted back in April that he has an 'agreement' with Iran, as he continues to tell the world that America is liked far more on the world stage since HE moved in to 1600 Pennsylvania.  Included in those who like us more is Iran.  No matter that history shows us that Iran has been, and continues to be, an enemy of America and all that she stands for.  Obama et al continue to gather and sing 'kumbaya' and try to convince us all that the world is safer place since he has been at the helm (of the Good Ship Lollipop?)

As we have all seen, despite the MIC continually claiming that enemies are now friends, and can be trusted to keep their word when they make 'agreements' with us, the evidence says very differently.

From Clarion Project:

Iran Short Film Series - 3. Believe Them!
Published on Jun 1, 2015

Throughout history, good people have often tried to make deals with bad people, in the hopes of preserving peace.

Today, there are those who want to make a deal with Iran.

History has not been kind to those who make deals with bad people.


Are YOU paying attention?

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