Monday, June 8, 2015

Israel: Bibi promises Israel self-defence as Al Qaeda also on their border

As Israel faces ongoing rockert fire from Gaza, PM Netanyahu vows that Israel will defend itself, even in the face of international silence.

From Israel National News:

Netanyahu Condemns Global Silence Over Rocket Fire

'This hypocrisy which pervades the world will not tie our hands for defending the citizens of Israel,' Prime Minister warns.

By Hezki Ezra

June 7, 2015

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned the international silence on the resumption of rocket fire from Gaza on Sunday, opening his weekly Cabinet meeting with strong words about hypocrisy.

"Israel holds Hamas responsible for all fire from Gaza into our territory," Netanyahu said, referring to the fact that Hamas has shifted blame for recent rocket fire on Salafist groups.

''I did not hear anyone in the international community condemn the rocket fire and the UN did not speak," he added. "I wonder if the silence continues even when we use our full power to exert our right to defend ourselves." 
"Let it be clear - this hypocrisy which pervades the world will not tie our hands for defending the citizens of Israel," he warned. "So we have acted before and continue to act."

One rocket struck a field outside Ashkelon on Saturday night, causing no injuries or damage. A Salafist group from within Gaza claimed responsibility for the attack.

The IAF retaliated overnight Saturday/Sunday by eliminating several terror targets.                                

For video clip on Bibi's speech, go here.

Meanwhile, Israel's Defese Ministry spokesman,  Amos Gilad, addressed Israel's ongoing challenges of national security  at a conference.

From Jerusalem Post:

 Senior defense official: Deterrence working, but al-Qaida now on border

Israel's most dangerous threat remains Iran, says Amos Gilad at annual Herzliya Conference.

8 June 2015 

Major-Gen(res) Amos Gilad director of political-military affairs at the Defense Ministry, played meteorologist on Monday, comparing Israel's current security situation to a weather forecast with "clear and sunny skies" and "threatening storms in the distance."

The senior defense official spoke at the Herzliya Conference, an annual convention held at the IDC Herzliya college that brings together leading security and policy experts for a series of debates and speeches. 

In his keynote address, Gilad said that the Lebanon frontier with Israel was enjoying relative calm, even with "200,000 rockets aimed at us from Hezbollah." 

But in Syria, where a four-year civil war is raging on, the situation is ever-volatile. Eulogizing "the death of Syria," Gilad said President Bashar Assad only rules a third of the country de facto; southern Syria is currently dominated by al-Qaida, and the North by Islamic State. 

"There is nothing there and it has no future." President Assad, who is struggling to consolidate control, will continue to lose power, he predicted.

 "Assad seems like a humanitarian compared to al-Qaida, who look like humanitarians next to ISIS." ...

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