Thursday, March 5, 2009

Puzzled in Gaza

I found the following on A Soldier's Mother.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Journalist goes into Gaza to investigate

and apparently comes out with much the same truth that Israel has been claiming all along. I can only wonder if the US is still determined to donate $900 million and large what this shows is what we in Israel have known all along - our attacks were targeted and though there were casualties among the civilians, they have been grossly exaggerated by Hamas to manipulate world opinion....

This Israeli Soldier's mother always gives clarity and truth to the msm lies that we here in north American are so used to. As always, she has more to say, and then she links to a piece that should be required reading. Go read what she has to say, and be sure and read the whole piece by a British journalist who writes:

Puzzled in Gaza

Yvonne Green
February 5, 2009

Yvonne Green

I’m an English Jew and frequent visitor to Israel. I was deeply disturbed by the reports of Operation Cast Lead (OCL). So I spent Wednesday 28th January 2009 in Gaza taking a look for myself. I left Tel Aviv at 6.30 a.m. by taxi and arrived at the Erez checkpoint at 7.15 a.m. I cleared Israeli passport control using my press card, crossed the border alone, on foot and arrived in Gaza, where I was met by my guide a 27 year old Palestinian journalist, who wore western clothes and a close shaven beard. He asked me if I wanted to meet with Hamas officials. I explained, I’m a poet and freelance writer who’d come to see the damage and civilian suffering caused by OCL, not to talk politics and asked him to choose what to show me.

We drove away from Beit Hanoun to the ancient olive groves of Jebalia Reyes Hill which my guide said Israel had bulldozed because Hamas fired from them. Downhill I saw in the Abu Ayida family’s isolated compound the flattened remnants of several large houses and factories and a few small guard’s houses. A family member, Taisir Fouad told me the 3 cars in the rubble were a Mitsubishi and two Hyundais, that $5,000,000 of damage had been sustained by the Abu Ayidas (this was not a general residential area) and that he and his 10 children had previously lived in a 900 square metre house and were now living in one room in Jebalia....

You can read the rest of this here, after you have read Israeli Soldier's Mother commentary here.

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