Wednesday, April 9, 2014

9/11 WTC steel beam in Manchester UK

[photo from the Brat archive]

From Times of India: 
Steel beams from the wreckage of the WTC go on display in UK 

Kounteya Sinha 

TNN Apr 8, 2014

MANCHESTER: Hordes of people are heading to the Imperial War Museum North (IWMN) which has managed to import a huge section of steel, seven metres in height and weighing more than a tonne, making it the first pieces of wreckage from Ground Zero to go on display in the UK.

The columns, thought to be from the North Tower, formed part of a window section from an external wall.

The museum officials told TOI that the objects lay testimony to the impact of the carnage and allow guests to reflect on the 9/11 attacks and their human cost as well as the wider impact of modern conflict on people's lives....

More details here.

A reminder (for any who may need it) that the reach of 9/11 was - and remains - global.

NEVER forget....

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