Thursday, September 9, 2010

NO mosque at Ground Zero: Yes, the WORLD is watching

Feisal Abdul Rauf (the public face of the plans to build a 'mosque' at Ground Zero) tells us that HE, and muslims around the world, are 'watching this issue very closely'. Good!

This morning, I got an email (indirectly) that Debra Burlingame sent out. Debra is the sister of a victim of 9/11, and a vocal member of 9/11 Families for America, and Keep America Safe:

The so-called "Ground Zero Iman," Feisal Abdul Rauf said in an extensive CNN interview last night that if he moves the mosque and Islamic center to a location farther away from Ground Zero, this will cause violence in the Muslim world. "They are watching this issue very closely." He said that his is now a "national security issue" and that the violence will be "worse than the Danish cartoons" crisis because "the U.S. has a big footprint." He referred to our troops, our embassies and Americans traveling all over the world. In other words, targets.

This is a thinly veiled threat that we should not let him get away with it. If we do, he will have established himself as the de facto ambassador to the Muslim world, and he can continue to use extortion to regarding US foreign or domestic policy. We will have created a monster.
Note, also, that he rejected the notion that Park Place is sacred ground, because there are strip clubs in the vicinity. Families, our response should be that, unfortunately, WE DIDN'T GET TO CHOOSE WHERE OUR LOVED ONES WERE TORN TO PIECES. He said the building is not located "at Ground Zero proper" and that "no bodies were found there."

This shows a fundamental lack of sensitivity, and basic compassion as to the savage nature of the attack, as well as the emotional trauma victims' loved ones have been through as they sought their loved ones remains on the rooftops, under the streets and in buildings outside the perimeter of what he called "Ground Zero proper."

The interview can be seen on YouTube in 9 parts:

Take a look at this video from the CNN interview with
Feisal Abdul Rauf , courtesy of Family Security Matters. He says he is worried about violence from the radicals of the muslim world in America. He talks 'sensitivity' etc etc etc blah blah blah.

No matter that Gibbs (
here) and Pelosi (here) try to say the building of the mosque on such sacred ground is a "local issue" - this despite BHO weighing in and thus acknowledging it is a national issue - the world IS watching. The world IS outraged at the plans to build a mosque on ground where remains of the 9/11 victims are still being found.

Pelosi from The Telegraph in London:

Ground Zero mosque: too close for comfort?
Nancy Pelosi says the building of the mosque is a local issue Photo: AP
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the decision on whether to build a mosque and Islamic community center near Ground Zero should be up to New York officials. Pelosi said the issue is an "urban development decision," and called for an investigation into how groups protesting the mosque are being funded. (here)

Debra Burlingame again:

We disagree.

Americans don't see it that way. The polls are reflecting that, too. The American
people coughed up 21 billion federal
dollars to rebuild Lower Manhattan.
The attacks were never viewed as a
"local issue." The country was united.
The imam is ripping us apart, and
he's using Ground Zero, 9/11 and
our loved ones' deaths to do it...

You can also find more of Debra's response here.
Truth of the matter is, there are many of us
around the world who see this for what it is.

It has less than nothing to do with religion,
and it has everything to do with the global
intent of radical muslims.

Geert Wilders understand this very well:

Geert Wilders to Speak at
SIOA 911 Protest Against
the Ground Zero Mega Mosque
The honorable Dutch MP Geert Wilders
has accepted our invitation to speak at the 911 demonstration opposing the mega mosque at Ground Zero. We owe him a debt of gratitude (Wilders came in third in the recent Dutch elections) for exposing the Dutch government's donation of $1,290,000 to Imam Rauf's "Cordoba initiative" -- first reported at Atlas here.Geert Wilders demanded an explanation from House of Parliament on why the Dutch Government would fund the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque.


Geert Wilders to New York on 9/11

Protest Against the Ground Zero Mega Mosque

Geert Wilders will be speaking in New York on September 11 at a protest demonstration against the building of a mega mosque near Ground Zero.

By accepting this invitation, Geert Wilders Remove Formatting from selectionexpresses his support for the people opposing the building of a mosque near the place where Islam committed the worse atrocity of the past decade. The attack on the WTC towers on 9/11, 2001, was an attack on the entire Western civilization. ..

That is from Atlas Shrugs here, and they follow this issue of the scourge of worldwide Islamisation very closely.

THIS is what is happening around the world:

This is NOTHING to do with religion. Here's what one comment on this video says:

You want to talk about education. I have a Master's degree in history, art history, political sciences and media science. I´ve read the quran in 5 langauges, only authorized translations from muslims for muslims. i read the hadiths by al-Buchari, Ibn Madscha and Al-Nasa'i, And know what ... my degree dissertation in politics was about comparative constitutional science and ideological criticism. I know what i say when i call islam a proto-fascistoid ideology.

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