Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Set 'em up, Joe": Beer summit for Koran burner?

Has anyone not heard about a little man ('whatsisname') in the US who is supposedly planning to burn a copy of the Koran on 9/11? According to every media outlet, there are worldwide calls for a self-professed pastor to rethink his public burning of what is said to be muslims' most holy of books.

Government and military leaders have got into the act; from Obama, to the State Dept (US), to PM Harper of Canada, Canada's Minister of Defence, to Tony Blair - envoy to the middle east, to American General Petraeus etc etc.

This attention whore who is garnering all the headlines of outrage, has a 'congregation' of approximately fifty - 50!!! - disciples, yet to hear the breathless condemnation, the world will surely end if he goes ahead with this this publicity stunt.

Yes, most of us find burning ANY book offensive (Farenheit 451, anyone?) but really, this 'pastor' is getting far more attention than he deserves. Reminds me of a 5 year old in a kindergarten who is desperate for attention. 'Whatsisname' has about as much sense, or respect for others as any fresh-faced kid starting their first day of school. Oh wait. Most 5 year olds I have known have more common sense than this idiot, or the 'leaders' telling him he needs to rethink his threatened stunt.

Not a chance, of course, since he is basking in the media spotlight, enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

The reasons the various leaders have given for this moron NOT to burn the Koran are disingenuous, in my opinion. Does anybody really think our troops will be safer on the frontlines
because a small minded man, in a small town in America, declines to burn a book? Anybody even half awake has seen - almost on a daily basis - radical muslims around the world disrespect the Christian Bible, and the American flag, just to give two regular examples. We all also know that our troops are being killed on a daily basis by these muslims with, as far as I know, no Korans being burned as impetus.

Truth of the matter is, muslims do not NEED an excuse to hate us, or kill us if given half a chance. Burning one of their books merely gives them another cue to scream for our submission or annihilation.

My suggestion is that we all should have ignored this pathetic creature, since one thing attention whores hate is being ignored. Instead of fanning the flames of his pseudo notoriety, this whole pathetic incident would have been over with nary a spark if he had been ignored.

But - as usual - the BHO administration is loath to let any crisis, real or manufactured, go to waste. America, and the rest of us, has far more critical issues to deal with (usually behind closed doors for BHO, but I digress) as the country is being torn apart on the heels of economic, health, education restructuring.

It is my opinion that this Koran burning threat/promise should have remained a local issue, with local law enforcement taking care of business, if they so chose. This idiot proves to me that he is ignorant on so many levels, not the least of which is to choose 9/11 as the day for his stunt. I suggest he could better spend that day leading his flock in reading the Bible, and praying for the 9/11 families. Failing that, he could be doing good works for the worldwide Christians who are regularly tortured - and worse - for their faith. That, to me, would be a better demonstration of the differences between the muslims and the Christians. But what do I know?

One person who has been noticeably absent in the public commentary on this tempest in a teapot is Joe Biden, VP of the US.

Since Joe has proved so often in the past that he always has some 'significant' utterance to make, I think he should host an intimate beer summit with this pastor. If the pastor is teetotal, so much the better. A tea party it should be.

Oh and of course, no cameras, no publicity. ZILCH. Then this little man can fade back into obscurity, where he belongs.

Move along, nothing to see here.

***[THIS just in, at least via CBC:

The pastor has reconsidered, and is now going to New York to 'consult' with an imam..]***

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