Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SSG Jason Arnette: ALWAYS remembered - ALWAYS honoured

SSG Jason Arnette:

Birthday: 11/07/1982
Date of Death: 04/01/2007

...One of Jason's dreams was to be the BEST OF BEST. He pushed himself to do the Best that he could strive for. That is the example he set for all us all. He wanted to go down in the record books being famous. And I guess he got that wish. He will never be Forgotten.

He wrote a letter for my Birthday one year: let me read some of it to you now;

Dear Mom,
So your little man has now grown up. Ready to step in to the world stronger than ever. Just to let you know that you are my motivation with all things, all through life you have made me feel like I am the best at whatever it was I was doing or have done. I want to thank you for loving me the way you do. One thing I will always remember about myself is I always had my mother to keep me safe, I always had your love, and you pushed me along for all things and you would fight for me no matter what. Thank you Mom I will always love you. Love, Your little man Dayday...

From a speech Mom Mickey gave. Go here to read the rest of that post. If you put Jason's name in the search thing, you'll find other columns I have written about Jason.

As Mickey knows, this picture is one of my favourites of Jason's. Always makes me smile.

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In one of my previous columns, I wrote:

I promise you, Jason: I WILL always remember and honour you, and your family, with gratitude, respect and love.

That will not change - ever.

 ALWAYS remembered. Always Honoured.

*Be sure to learn more about Jason here.*

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I love you Aunty Brat! (from Mickey)