Monday, March 16, 2015

ISIS using chemical weapons against Peshmerga

From Homeland Security NewsWire:

ISIS employed crude chemical weapons against Kurdish peshmerga

March 16, 2015

Kurdish sources in Iraq have said they have evidence that Islamic State (ISIS) used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon against Kurdish peshmerga fighters. The Kurdistan Region Security Council said the chlorine gas was spread by a suicide truck bomb attack on 23 January in northern Iraq. Iraqi officials and Kurds fighting in Syria have made several similar allegations since last fall about ISIS using chlorine chemical weapons against them. In the previous Islamist insurgency in Iraq – in Anbar province, in 2006-2007 – there was evidence of chemical use by the insurgents. The insurgents in 2006-2007 were members of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which later transformed itself into ISIS.


In a statement, the Kurdish council said the attack took place on a road between Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, and the Syrian border, where peshmerga forces were fighting to re-take a supply line used by ISIS militants. Kurdish sources said that Kurdish fighters found “around twenty gas canisters” which had been loaded onto the truck involved in the attack.

The Guardian reports that the Kurdish council provided a video showing a truck racing down a road, white smoke pouring out of it as it came under heavy fire from peshmerga fighters. It later showed a white, billowing cloud after the truck exploded and the remnants of it scattered across a road....

Western leaders will denounce this in 3...2...1......Oh wait!  Nothing to see here...

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