Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Israel and Democracy by Frederick Forsyth

From Daily Express:

Israel is proof that democracy works says FREDERICK FORSYTH
SELF-righteousness is often the comfort blanket of the young and alwys of the luvvies and this is now being evidenced by students who think they are striking a blow for humanity by banning Israeli speakers from their campus or musicians from our concert halls.

By FREDERICK FORSYTHI do not like bigotry and am no admirer of bone idleness.

You have to be seriously lazy not to do a bit of research before striking a silly pose – even if you are a well subsidised student.

How many of the banner wavers know that there are one and a half million Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel?

If their plight is so appalling, why don’t they leave?

They could jump in the car and in an hour be over the border into Gaza to live under Hamas.

But they don’t. In the same time they could be in the West Bank, living under the PLO government.

But they stay put. Why?

Well, it seems they have a better life and are well aware of it. They have better homes and jobs, better hospitals for their aged and better schools for their kids.

They have better social security.

They are exempt from military service unless they volunteer, which many do.

If they get into trouble with the law on a civil matter they have a better chance of a fair trial and an unpurchased judge rather than a kangaroo court and a mediaeval punishment.

Also unsaid on campus is that the Palestinians under Yasser Arafat had many chances to improve their lot and prosper but always chose the path of armed pursuit of the pipe dream of the eradication of Israel.

In Gaza, Hamas still does....

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