Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beirut: Marine Barracks Bombing 1983

Our Nation was changed on that day. The world was changed on that day. We would not know the meaning of that day for years to come. 
We would not realize the truth of the hatred of our enemy for decades to come. Well done Marine. Well done. 

The words above come from the post that War On Terror News has up..and I urge you go read it all, and watch the videos.

When I wrote last year, (go re-read) I reminded that "they came in peace."

In the current political climate both in Washington DC and around the world, it would be really easy for me to draw parallels between 1983 and today..

I will not.  Instead, a day of reflection for me...

"Our first duty is to remember."

[Beirut 1983: "They came in peace"]

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