Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Royal Marine Craig Buchanan: Military Cross

I am very humbled to have been chosen for the Military Cross, it is completely unexpected. I am proud but wish it was under better circumstances – if I could give my medal back for my friends who passed away that day I would in an instant. 

 Marine Craig Buchanan

A Royal Marine from Somerset West in Cape Town has been awarded a military cross after saving the lives of five colleagues when he faced down and killed a rogue gunman. Marine Craig Buchanan, 26, was serving with 40 Commando Royal Marines in Nehr-e-Saraj when he was confronted with a rogue Afghan policeman who began shooting at the eight-man patrol, killing two and badly wounding another. 

As the gunman advanced with his weapon on automatic fire Mne Buchanan put himself into the line of fire, waited for a clear line of sight to avoid injuring his colleagues, and killed the man with a single shot.

Despite the threat of further attack from a second gunman, Mne Buchanan immediately began giving lifesaving first aid to his colleague who had been shot in the chest, shoulder and leg.

Mne Buchanan, who was born in Mutorashanga, Zimbabwe before later moving to Cape Town, said:

“We were on our way to give low level first aid and IED training at the checkpoint and as we were patrolling and walking through an area of open ground I just had a feeling something was wrong. 

“The hairs on your neck go up....

You KNOW there is more here.

Thank you for your Service, Marine....

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