Monday, October 7, 2013

UK Veterans face homelessness due to brutal cuts

Proving that Veterans around the Coalition are ALL being shafted by their civilian governments.

From the Mirror:

Sacked soldiers facing homelessness crisis as cruel Army cuts bite

The Sunday Mirror revealed earlier this year how up to 9,000 soldiers have been left homeless after leaving the military

Soldiers serving on the front line in Afghanistan fear being left homeless this Christmas as they leave the Army amid cruel cuts.

Many have nowhere to live other than military housing – and now they face having to sleep rough over the winter unless they get urgent help.

One female soldier turned to a charity in desperation, saying she had got no support from Army bosses despite repeated pleas for their help.

The shocking betrayal of our heroes was revealed to the Sunday Mirror by charity Soldiers Off The Street.

A spokesman said: “The lady wrote to us in April saying she was due to leave the forces in May and had nowhere to live after that.

“We sent lots of messages back but never heard from her. She’s just gone off radar, which is a real concern.

“It’s unthinkable somebody fighting in a war should have to be worrying about an issue like this.

"But sadly it’s the reality for many of our soldiers facing discharge....

Many more details here.

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