Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Moderate Muslims': Where are they?

We are all constantly told that the Islamist murderers who make the msm headlines are not the true face of Islam. The question I always ask is 'so where are the moderate Muslims who condemn these practitioners of the true 'religion of peace'?:

From Jihad Watch: 

"Why is it that no Muslim group has ever been created to condemn...terrorists who kill themselves to become 'martyrs for Islam'?"

This article makes a great many true and accurate observations. After detailing a number of recent jihad attacks, the author says, "The West is deluding itself when it says that 'this is not the real Islam.' Indeed, what is the real Islam? Since terrorists and Salafists say they are Muslims and acting in favour of Islam, only a violent Islam has taken central stage." He asks: "why is it that these masses of moderates never protest? Why is it that no Muslim association or group has ever been created to condemn Salafist violence and terrorists who kill themselves to become 'martyrs for Islam'? 

But he does so in a very apologetic and hesitant way, going on to affirm his commitment to a "dialogue" that has in every instance proved spurious and chimerical, and saying: "I just want to make sure that people in Italy will not come to accept what Domenico Quirico, La Stampa envoy to Syria, said. Held captive for months by Islamic guerrillas, he wrote, 'We refuse to realise that moderate Islam does not exist, that the Arab Spring is over and that its new phase involves an Islamist and jihadist plan to build the Great Islamic Caliphate, a political plan that is being implemented starting in Syria with weapons, armies, and money.'" Why does he not want people in Italy to accept that? What if it's true? Is he really doing a favor to the people of Italy (or anywhere else) or furthering any genuine "dialogue" by pretending that things are not as they are?...

Yes, there is more.  Go here and read,  while we all wait for the moderate Muslims to stand up and loudly condemn the murderous 'fringe' who kill in the name of Islam.

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