Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Morning Mission: 9/11 Memorial Ride

Can you help my friend Ken Fairben -  please? 

Ken writes:

  I am participating in the 9/11 Memorial Ride once again...This will be my 8th Year doing it...This year is more personal to me,  They are honoring ALL THOSE EMT'S,  AMT'S   AND MEDICAL RESPONDERS....     I would greatly appreciate any support that You may consider donating as one of my sponsors...

On Saturday evening August 17th between 6:30 & 7:00 PM

One Thousand Motorcycle Riders will enter Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel.

This will be day three for most of the riders who come from across the country and gather first in Shanksville PA where flight 93 went down, then the next night at the Pentagon, and then finally we come into NYC to pay our Respects at GZ on Sunday morning.

This ride is a rolling memorial, it's a support system of families,  friends who lost loved ones,  co-workers on that tragic morning, it's also a fundraiser that provides scholarships to the children of first responders as well as emergency equipment to departments in need.

As we ride through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virgina and New Jersey, small towns have their streets lined with residents waving flags and cheering the riders on, almost all overpasses are crowded with Fire Dept trucks flying flag arches, even the highways have people pulled over waiting for us to ride by.

I am asking New York,  New Jersey to line the West Side Highway from Canal Street to 42nd street.

(the Ride will be heading to Times Square from the Holland Tunnel)

Bring Flags, Signs, Family, and Friends.

Show the Country New York hasn’t Forgotten!!

We spend 100's of miles going thru small towns on this ride and the locals are out in force showing their Patriotism.

Please share this event!!, Let’s make it go Viral!!

For more information about the foundation that hosts the ride

Or just google Americas 911 Ride to see pictures and videos of last 12 rides!!

To make a donation to America's 9/11 Ride click here

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