Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria: Same song, different country

 From Jewish News One:

Published on Aug 25, 2013

A top Obama administration official has said there is "very little doubt" the Syrian government last week used a chemical weapon on civilians, killing at least 100 people. The news came as the Syrian government appeared close to allowing United Nations inspectors to visit the site of the reported attack on August 21st on the outskirts of Damascus. The reports of thousands killed or stricken by chemical weapons is the latest allegation about such tactics in the Middle East country's roughly 2-year-long civil war. Obama said famously last year that the use of chemical weapons by Assad would "cross a red line." But the White House has been reluctant to take direct military actions, instead supplying rebel forces with non-lethal aid and weighing military options. US defense officials, meanwhile, have said the US Navy has already sent a fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles into the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

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Meanwhile:  Deja Vu, all over again.  

From the BBC:

Syria crisis: UN inspectors' convoy 'hit by sniper fire'

Snipers have opened fire on a convoy of UN inspectors heading to the sites of suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria's capital, the UN has said.

The UN did not say who fired the shots, but the first car in the convoy was hit and the team returned to a checkpoint.

The Syrian government and the rebels had agreed to a ceasefire to allow the inspectors to collect evidence.

The experts say they will continue the inquiry into Wednesday's attacks in Damascus, in which hundreds died.

The US says there is little doubt Syrian forces used chemical weapons in the attacks, which reportedly killed more than 300 people in rebel-held areas.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dismissed the accusation as "an insult to common sense" and warned the US against military intervention.

"If someone is dreaming of making Syria a puppet of the West, then this will not happen," he told the Russian newspaper Izvestiya....

Much more here. 

After watching the slaughter of Syrian citizens for over TWO years - over 100,000 dead and I million plus fleeing to neighbouring countries -  how long before the MIC - no longer *leader of the free world* - proclaims Syria a "good and just war"???

Obama expresses 'grave concern' as he prepares to lead from behind, as usual....

Sing it, Jay:

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