Monday, August 11, 2014

Israel: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Over the last month, the world msm has shared many, many stories about the slain children in Gaza.  On a daily basis we have seen gruesome images of dead children - victims of the Israeli 'slaughter' of innocents.

I would never disagree that the children shown are innocents, but what continues to strike me is the lack of coverage of Israeli children suffering.  As regular readers here know, I try and keep up with news out of Israel. The media in the last month has seen fit to 'report' on the terrible conditions and murder of innocent Palestinians, and yet for many years now, that same media has chosen to ignore the daily trauma of Israeli children who,  since birth, have lived with the constant terrorist attacks from Hamas.

Israeli Soldier's Mother has shared the perspective of little Israeli children, whose lives have always been shadowed by the red alerts which tell them they have as little as fifteen seconds to get to the safety of a bomb shelter:

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things Children Should Never Say

...or perhaps it is more accurate to say these are things children should never HAVE to say

Yoav, 5.5 years old - his family has evacuated to a cabin in the north to get away from the rockets. The owner of the cabin showed the family to the cabin, and told where pool was, and where the dining room is and when the tour was over, little Yoav said, "but you didn't tell us where the bomb shelter is."

Shay, 5.5 years old asked her mother - "Ima, are they shooting in all the countries now?"

Niv, 3.5 years old - "the best weapon is bananas - that way everyone will slip and we'll win."

Keshet, 5 years old - went with her family up north to get away from the rockets and her tooth fell out. She asked her mother, "Ima, how can the tooth fairy get in to here, but the rockets can't?"

She has many more examples, here.

Wouldn't it be grand if Obama cherished these Israeli children - championed them - instead of urging 'restraint' from IDF...

Wouldn't it be something if the never-ending plight of  Israeli children is considered by the world media to be worthy of front page news coverage..

I know, I know, apparently not all children are created equal. 

[Regular readers will know what Brat non-verbal editorial comment follows]

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