Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Canada: Military Reservists wait too long for severance pay

Question of the day:  Would ANY politician be willing to wait up to 2 years for their own severance pay????

Read on at the CBC:

Former part-time soldiers face long wait for severance pay

'I am just so disgusted with everything that's been done there': former reservist Nicholas Vanderplas

By Murray Brewster, The Canadian PressFeb 17, 2015

Nicholas Vanderplas, a former corporal and part-time member of the infantry, says he's used to shoddy paperwork in the army, but waiting nearly two years for $4,500 in severance pay has exhausted his patience.

He is not alone.

As of last week, there was a backlog of 2,754 severance payment cases waiting to be processed. And those part-time soldiers who are on the list now, having just left the military, face longer waits than those just a few years ago.

According to the department, it takes up to 21 months in some cases to process reservist severance claims through a old, inefficient system the Department of National Defence had promised to fix.

"I am just so disgusted with everything that's been done there," said Vanderplas, 24, of London, Ont., who quit in May 2013 after dislocating his shoulder in a helicopter rappelling exercise, an injury that left him unable to do other training....

Further in the report is this: Department recognizes 'significant' wait time
Really?  'Recognising' does NOT put food on the table for our Troops, nor keep a roof over their families' heads.
Read the rest of this inexcusable treatment of our Troops here.
Something tells me that not one of our politicians would sit by and tolerate this disgusting situation, if it was their payment for services.
'Support the Troops'  rings kind of hollow....

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