Saturday, February 21, 2015

Video: President Obama - 'Aiding and abetting the enemy'???

NO, those are not my words, but part of a segment on FOX featuring Senator Tom Cotton and Lt.Gen (Ret) Tom McInerney.  Both Military Veterans pull no punches when responding to POTUS' laying out in plain view, for all to see (including ISIS) the US Military timetable for a retaking of Mosul in April.  They discuss other aspects of the current ISIS crisis as well.

Tom Cotton describes military's response to Obama's summit

 Feb. 19, 2015  U.S. reveals details of Iraq war plans

Yes, politics as usual by this administration.

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 GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s response to State Department J.V. team is pure gold [photos]

Allen West (another Combat Veteran) continues to speak truth: Why reveal battle plan for ISIS and world to see?

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