Sunday, February 22, 2015

Video: Israel - Who is Netanyahu’s true electoral rival?

(photo: Western Journalism...go read that article, too)

From Jerusalem Post:


If Netanyahu’s speech is a success, Obama’s foreign policy will be indefensible


Officially, the election on March 17 is among Israelis. Depending on how we vote, either Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will remain in office and form the next government led by his Likud party, or Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni will form a government.

But unofficially, a far greater electoral drama is unfolding. The choice is not between Netanyahu and Herzog/Livni. It is between Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama.

As the White House sees it, if Herzog/Livni form the next government, then Jerusalem will dance to Obama’s tune. If Netanyahu is reelected, then the entire edifice of Obama’s Middle East policy may topple and fall.

Secretary of State John Kerry made clear the administration’s desire to topple Netanyahu last spring during his remarks before the Trilateral Commission. It was during that memorable speech that Kerry libeled Israel, claiming that we would automatically and naturally become an apartheid state if we didn’t give Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to the PLO, Jew free, as quickly as possible.

Despite Israel’s venality, Kerry held out hope. In his words, “if there is a change of government [in Israel], or a change of heart, something will happen.”...

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If none of that is serious enough, watch Naftali Bennet, Israel Minister of Economy and a member of their Security Cabinet:
Elie Wiesel's plea to Congress

 Despite all of Obama's flowery rhetoric in support of Israel,  (and Bibi's statesmanship in acknowledging those words) anybody paying attention knows exactly what he thinks of Netanyahu, leader of America's strongest ally in the Middle East.

Pay attention.

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