Thursday, February 19, 2015

Video: Jen Psaki named WH Communications Director: Russia applauds

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US President proves what his cheerleaders have always wanted the rest of us to believe: he really IS forward-thinking, and yes, he is a jokester.

Today he named the current State Department Spokeswoman as the new White House Communications Director, with a starting date of April 1.  

I don't know Psaki at all, and while I am sure she is a nice person in her personal life, with this appointment, I am reminded again of this administration's tone-deafness in terms of America's place in our world.

What could possibly go wrong? She may be honored to be returning to the White House, and think the next two years will be 'exciting' but not everybody is enthralled.
From Twitchy:
One poster on that says she should actually be called the "Hashtag Director" and it is hard to disagree, since she has become synonymous with hashtags as she faithfully repeats the party line, which these days seems to be the Obama admin's choice of sharing what should be important policy sharing with the American public.

For Obama, she is a smart choice, you might say part of 'the family', since this William and Mary graduate has worked for Obama since the start of his never-ending election campaign in 2007. She has proved she can repeat the party line with no hint of embarrassment.
From May 2014

She may be able to call the next two years "exciting" but the rest of us - aware of what is really going on globally - may struggle to share her excitement.
That video on Barack's successful handling of foreign diplomacy comes courtesy of Russia Today, who apparently find great ongoing sport in mocking Psaki. Check out one of their collections of what they call Jen Psaki’s most embarrassing fails, most entertaining grillings from June 2014.
Well yes, it IS embarrassing, and yes, it could be entertaining if it wasn't so serious.
From Yahoo News:
 In Russia, on the other hand, “Psaki” is a household name. 
Or at least Russia’s pro-Kremlin media wants it to be. 
Mashable pointed out Thursday that the incoming communications director has already inspired a new nightly program on Russia’s NTV. “Psaki at Night,” which premiered about a month ago, is kind of like the Russian version of “The Daily Show.” Except, since NTV is a pro-Kremlin network, instead of Russian politicians, host Mikhail Gendelev lambasts the envoys — Psaki in particular — of other Western countries.
This relatively obscure communications operative might seem like a random choice for the focus of an entire nightly TV show, but “Psaki at Night” is just the latest manifestation of the Russian media’s obsession with Psaki. Back in June, ABC News pointed out that any State Department spokesperson is traditionally mocked in Russia but that Psaki had become a particular favorite punch line of the Russian press. Her briefings on the escalating crisis in Ukraine prompted relentless ridicule.
Media outlets like the state-sponsored Russia Today latched onto Psaki’s slip-ups — real and imaginary — as evidence of the U.S.’s incompetence....
Not funny at all,  especially since in these perilous days the world desperately needs strong signs of America's competence in foreign policy.
Obama as jokester?  Of course he is. Why else would he have Psaki start her new job on April Fools Day?


(Obvious disclaimer: Of course, I really do NOT wish anybody dead as a result of Obama's policies)
I started a joke which started the whole world crying But I didn't see that the joke was on me ...Oh If I'd only seen that the joke was on me

The 'joke' really is on us.  Well played, Mr President, well played.

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