Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog World: A Very Different Military Track

From Laughing Wolf over at BlackFive:

Posted By Laughing_Wolf • [September 16, 2011]

Well, the word is now out at the Blog World Blog, so I want to say it here: Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a military track at Blog World LA this year.

In fact, it is a very different military track based on the feedback and suggestion from those attending last year. You let us know what you wanted to see, and we worked to make it happen.

The topic that got a lot of people talking last year was when JD Johannes talked about Gross Ratings Points and some other interesting things. Everyone wanted to know more, so JD will be doing a panel on “Quit F’ing Guessing: Using Math and Behavioral Economics to Win the Battle of Ideas” He will be sharing tried and proven means of measuring and maximizing the impact of your blog.

Another topic that people wanted to learn about was SEO for milblogs. So, Jim Brown of Slingshot SEO, will be talking on “SEO for Specialty Content” He will be exploring how SEO and content marketing are not just for large blogs, but especially important for those dealing with specialized content.

The final panel of the day deals with the very serious topic of “Blogging Through Loss.” Rachel Porto, a military widow, and Mandy Myers, who’s lineman husband was killed on the job, will talk about the ups and downs of dealing with the loss of a loved one while sharing life and loss in new and social media....

There is much more, with details about free passes to the event for active duty military, veterans and their families. Go read it all here.

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