Monday, September 26, 2011

Yon "Fears a Fobbit" (but hit his PayPal anyways!)

Michael Yon is at it again: making outrageous, absurd and disgusting allegations/smears against our deployed Servicemen.

I last wrote about Michael Yon here. I have also published War on Terror News' series on the pathetic - yet dangerous - saga of Michael Yon's previous exploits. You can put 'Yon' in the search 'thingie' at the top here for that.

Today, War on Terror News has responded to Yon's latest attempts to pad his bank account, based on despicable lies against a bona fide decorated active duty US service-member.

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Yon "Fears a Fobbit"

Michael Yon has made a lot of claims of feats and fame, but fear hasn't been something he's readily admitted. He claims to have been one of "the youngest green berets" ever minted without explaining why he left the military at the rank of E5, which is unheard of in the Special Forces world. He has admitted to having killed a man in a bar with his bare hands, without explaining how the court dismissed the case.

But his nemesis is a man he calls a "fobbit" and "crazy." That man is MSG CJ Grisham, who has been bold enough to admit that he fights PTSD. CJ has documented his struggles, not so the world around him will feel pity, but to encourage other Troops struggling with it to accept the help that is available. CJ readily tells the world he doesn't want pity.

Yon, so distorts the picture of "his fears" that one of his fans alerted the Secret Service. The fan thought the threat was to the President, not some low-level yapper "reporting" from the confines of a FOB in Afghanistan. But what was the threat that scares Yon so much?

“I want to rip his head off and piss down his windpipe!”

Such a statement would likely shock a civilian, as it is designed to do, but be remembered by every Soldier that ever went through Basic Training. To date, no basic trainee's neck has literally been ripped off, nor necks pissed down, nor have any of the more nasty threats normally associated with this line been executed. Why? Because the "threat" represents hyperbole, and a sense of disgust fully appreciated by the Drill Sergeant and the Basic Trainee that hears it. And drill sergeants don't say it as if it's a mere desire, but that it is an event that will happen.

Yon-CJ Criminal

Yon went through basic training, though he doesn't seem to have learned much there. In other words, Yon knows this is not a threat to his life. But Yon is a "green beret," a green wooly hat, according to his story and he has criticized CJ as being a "fobbit" though the record shows CJ has been in combat more than Yon has taken pictures of it. ...

Of course, War On Terror News has much more, including incriminating screenshots. He also has included an extensive catalogue of links to previous documentation of the downfall of Michael Yon, using Yon's own words as evidence. Go read it all here.

Any discerning reader can come to only one conclusion upon reading what is said. The ''crazy' and 'dangerous' individual who should NEVER have been allowed anywhere near our troops, is Yon. Period.

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