Monday, September 5, 2011

Some Gave All: Konstabel Jacob Sten Lund Olsen

(picture courtesy of Bjorn Sorensen)

Konstabel Jacob Sten Lund Olsen

AFGHANISTAN, Helmand: Konstabel Jacob Sten Lund Olsen was killed on Saturday 3 September 2011 in Afghanistan.

During a patrol near Gereshk in Helmand Konstable Olsen saturday afternoon was badly wounded by an IED explosion. Upon arrival at the field hospital at Camp Bastion was pronounced dead.

Jacob Sten Lund Olsen started defending 2. august 2010 in the training battalion at Gardehusarregimentet in Slagelse.

In December 2010 Jacob continued his education by armoured infantry company of the 25. July 2011, as gun shooter 2, to be broadcast with the Danish battle group hold 12 to Helmand in Bravo Company.

Konstabel Jacob Sten Lund Olsen was 22 years.

He is survived by his parents, girlfriend and six siblings.

As Denmark mourns, so do we all.

Rest in peace, Konstabel Olsen. You will be always remembered and honoured.

I stand with all of you, Denmark. Every soldier is one of our own. Every soldier's family is OUR family.

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