Saturday, June 21, 2008

B*N*S*N (kinda, sorta....)

My long time readers - all 2 of you... .lol - are familiar with the weekly B*N*S*N. Today, I am cheating, BUT only because my friend Mrs Hooah! has already done a GREAT job in listing a few of the good news stories out of the GWOT. So, because I can, I am going to send you over to HER site. While you are there, check out all the other great posts she has. She sometimes really IS Knee Deep in the Shi'ite! Go, here, now!

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Claire said...

I am glad you liked the good news post. I love, love, love putting that one together! It's kind of a "well, put that in your pipe and smoke it!" to the naysayers! :) Hang in there. You are a good news spreader -- like Tinkerbell, only with good news about the Troops instead of pixie dust!