Monday, June 23, 2008

"Your mission.......

...should you decide to accept." Actually, two missions, both from posts at BlackFive!


OMV Letters From Home....Support YOUR Marines!!

Posted By Maj Pain


What would you say to the warrior in the picture above if you could chat with him? You might say "Thanks for protecting us", or "We support you", if you were somewhere in passing. But what if you were sitting down, sharing your feelings over dinner? Then what would you say to him? Think about it, because you now have that opportunity.

We have a large group of Marines currently located in a remote area of Iraq. Mail might arrive once a week if the fates are with them, and water is obtained from a well on site. These are your Marines, living on the edge of the empire, alone and determined to succeed. ...

To read the rest of this one go here.

And there IS more...;) The second mission (or second part of the same is this:

Help Wounded Vets Get Mobile!

Posted By Blackfive

Major Dan Gade was someone you should know a few years ago - if you recall, he was someone who was not supposed to make it. And his story is one of those occasions where I started to believe in miracles. And I know you all had a lot to do with it...

Major Dan Gade needs your help to raise awareness about the importance of the Segway:

As many of you know, I was seriously wounded in Iraq in 2005, and lost my right leg. I am not alone: the war has produced more than 800 amputees of various degrees of severity, and many more with burns, joint fusions, and other issues resulting in decreased mobility. For many of us, the solution to our mobility issues- the thing that enables us to get around our college campuses, places of work and worship, golf courses, and other locations, is the Segway. A Segway is to a person with a mobility problem as a guide dog is to a person who is blind. ...

I have omitted a whole swath of this story. It really IS a must read. And then the reason for the request for your help. Your help on this one will take but a few minutes of your time, and could make a HUGE difference in the lives of some our most precious veterans. Go here to read all Major Gade has to say, and please do what you can. Goooooooooooo!

Thank you.

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