Monday, June 23, 2008

From my Inbox

This is going to be a new irregular feature here. I have the greatest sources, who always send me stuff I find interesting. Often, the piece raises questions or gives opinions, that should give us all pause (or paws? never for thought. You all know I have opinions, but when someone else says something about an issue far more eloquently than I could, I have to share with you. Beats a gazillion 'forwards' don't you think?????? Read on for today's gem:

Subject: The media is the enemy - most days

This hasn't been around the internet at all. This isn't something you saw 2 years ago or 6 months ago, etc. Real people in real time. The following was forwarded to me by a friend, a Marine Corps Major, recently returned from multiple tours in Iraq.

Subject: ABC slanted news

Got this from a friend who's niece is stationed in Iraq .... read and listen... It's getting worse. My niece, K*****, stationed at Baluud , Iraq was assigned, with others of her detachment, to be escort/guard/watcher for Martha Raddatz of ABC News as she covered John McCain's recent trip to Iraq . K***** and her Captain stood directly behind Raddatz as she queried GI's walking past.

They kept count of the GI's and you should remember these numbers. She asked 60 GI's who they planned to vote for
in November, 54 said John McCain, 4 for Obama and 2 for Hillary. K***** called home and told her Mom and Dad to watch ABC news the next night because she was standing directly behind Raddatz and maybe they'd see her on TV. Mom and Dad of course, called and emailed all the kinfolk to watch the newscast and maybe see K*****. Well, of course, we all watched and what we saw wasn't a glimpse of K*****, but got a hell'uva view of skewed news. After a dissertation on McCain's trip and speech, ABC showed 5 GI's being asked by Raddatz how they were going to vote in November; 3 for Obama and 2 for Clinton . No mention of the 54 for McCain.

Moral of this story: Do not believe ANY Audio, Video, Text, or Graphics that ANY Media matter expels. It's all garbage !

Believe ONLY what you witness at an event or happening, then question how they rigged it for slanting! Whatever happened to truth in advertising!?

America, wake up, please!

There's a shocker!!!! Not so much, of course, as we all know. Pay attention!

H/T to Mike.

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