Thursday, June 26, 2008

Because - YES! We CAN!

A few days ago, I published a piece called "A REAL Army Wife speaks".. You can find that here.

Later, I posted the series of video ads and counter-ads. They are all under one minute in length, so if you haven't seen them yet, you can go here and here.

In the comments of one of these pieces, it was said that all we need now is the thousands of other military wives/mothers to speak up. Well, another one has. Mrs Hooah writes on Knee Deep in the Hooah! here. She has the creds, trust me. And yes, before any of you get your knickers in a knot, she IS writing as an individual, for herself - because she CAN! - and NOT a mouthpiece for any government agency. She also has a few words to say about the current climate in American politics as they relate to our military. She has given me permission to publish her latest and it IS a must-read (as are the! Read on:

Sockin’ it to the military moms!

Brat posted an ad put out by the same liberal, divisive, group that accused our good General of being a betrayer. The ad shows a woman holding her baby, and she tells Senator McCain that when he says ‘we will stay in Iraq for 100 years if that is what it takes to win’, then he can’t count on her baby.

The ad is pure tripe. If you don’t get caught up in the “warm fuzzies” the ad is constructed to give (actually I figured out later it was a bowl of chili that caused mine…) you will feel insulted that these people think you are stupid enough to be scared that anyone is asking you to hand over your baby. I have said it before, and I will say it again… a wild dingo is a greater risk to your babies than the US Military. They don’t want your little ones. Calm down!

I can honestly say, whole heartedly, as a military mother, that no one came to my home and ripped my babies from my arms. I can also assure you all that I did not take them to recruiter’s station and beg them to take them off my hands. No matter what the ad says, my sons’ decisions to join the military were their own. There is a concept in our Country called “freedom.” Freedom allows young men and women 18 years and older to make their own decisions. Sometimes young adults can sign on before their 18th birthday if their parents agree to it. Babies grow into full grown, voting, legal adults. They make decisions and no matter how much their mother may agree or disagree, there is no legal recourse for her to stop him from doing what he wants to do within the realm of the law.

Making decisions for oneself is also called “self determination.” It’s quite a wonderful concept, and something that my adult children practice everyday. I do not tell them what they can and can’t do. I do not tell them what career paths to take. I do not tell them who to vote for. I do not tell them what to eat. They are adults and are perfectly free to make their own decisions in life. I trust them. I trust their abilities to make good decisions. I can trust them because I did my job when they were little and under my care.

Sentaor Obama and Senator McCain, listen up; as a military mother times two, I love my sons who are soldiers more than life itself. I have never met a single military mother who is happy, thrilled or at peace that her son or daughter is serving during a time of war, and I am no exception. I do, however, respect the adult decisions of my children, and I support them 100%. Now, if you want to come to my home and take my baby, you can’t have her! She’s only four and I most certainly do have authority over the decisions made in her life. However, if my grown children sign up to serve this great Country and defend our Constitution, I will love and support them — and fully acknowledge that this is their decision to make, on their own.

Now, as far as taking innocent ground hogs off the streets and recruiting them at a terribly young age… well, the picture speaks for itself....


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