Saturday, June 28, 2008

Constitutional Void at California OC for Military

Cops and Criminals in Orange County, California. (..but I repeat myself…)

If you exercise your constitutional rights in Orange County Civil Courts, specifically the Lamoreaux Justice Center; and your female-and military; the likelihood of liberty, honor, due processes and dignity are drastically reduced to zero.

Female soldiers with children who find themselves having to enter the enclave of the Lamoreaux Justice Civil Courts Center to file and submit forms for their child custody cases, or attend pre-trials and hearings, or any assortment of business one would normally conduct in a typical Civil Court House; are suspiciously being cornered, threatened, detained, arrested for trespassing(?), beaten, molested, put in isolation, and arrested without warrants that are later produced and changed to “fit” the “need.” Then the cycle repeats as many times as the courts, judges, referee’s and officer’s of the court find folly in doing so.

However, it doesn’t stop with the Lamoreaux Justice Center. The OC Jail-Santa Ana shares in the brutality. OC officers there enjoy beating female military soldiers as well; “wishing they had done more,” according to an audio recording of one such incident. Did I mention that they have a lovely show called “Jail” that air’s locally for Orange County, California; on Channel 13 at 9 pm PST. The makers/producers of COPS filmed a few episodes out of the IRC.

As the cases drag out and the female soldiers continue to exercise their constitutional rights the enormity of the battle grows so much that, a soldier is often left feeling isolated. It is no longer a simplistic case of a singular issue IE: regaining custody, a hearing for a child’s offense, or shared custody within a divorce, etc. It becomes the SOLDIER against the SYSTEMS.

The irony is most military personnel live paycheck to paycheck, and affording a private attorney costs thousands. JAG is not available in civil cases such as these; they have defining boundaries for representation. The Civil Courts at Lamoreaux not only expect, but demand that if you do not have a private attorney right there with you, then by default you will “contract” with their system and be represented by their hand-picked crop of public defenders. In this system though, it also means you have just signed over all of your rights, and you will follow to the letter everything handed to you.

You have been assimilated. CPS gets a share in the profits, the county gets a share in the profits, and your public defender makes sure the outcome is slanted to benefit the Court and County, and less for the defendant. (Who signs his paycheck??-- THE COUNTY)

This is not a conspiracy theory. I wish it was I truly do.

Recall Sheriff Corona who was recently indicted. Of all the elected positions in the county-- one would expect that the highest law office in the county, and those that serve in it would be as close to squeaky clean as possible, and/or at the very least demonstrate the highest level of moral and personal character, plus a respect for the laws that they are sworn to enforce. MUCH LIKE THE MILITARY. Not only has this office been rocked by criminal activity, but Corona is gone, and it appears it has NOT made a difference in their MORAL character, their respect for the people they serve, or the laws that they are SWORN to enforce.
Four months ago, I honestly thought it was a sequence of events that perhaps did not align properly and there was going to be some perfectly decent explanation for all of it. That was until today, when yet another female soldier made contact.

Two known female soldiers are being abused by the Courts and system of OC. How many more does it take before someone pays attention?

Does another Chamberlain death accident have to occur? You know the one: Theo Lacy jail guards relying on inmates to enforce order while they watched TV, slept, played card, and video games, read girlie magazines, and engaged in cell phone text chats and conversations.

The ordered suspensions include the three jailers, jail guard Kevin Taylor, Deputy Jason Chapluk, and Special Officer Phillip Le all on duty when John Derek Chamberlain was tortured, sodomized and beaten to death by fellow inmates. The beating took place within a short distance of the guards and by design just out of the view of the jail camera monitoring system.

RICO anyone?

How about Joshua Dominic Wilson, 20, a defensive back for semi-pro football team the Southern California Smash. He was beaten because of an outstanding traffic ticket, and because he couldn’t hold his arms up high enough to appease an officer. He was handcuffed, outnumbered and unable to see because of the pepper spray, he was punched and kicked so severely they fractured his nose in three places, ripped his lip, busted his eye socket and ribs, pounded his jaw, cut his leg and bruised his shoulder.
Next, they hog-tied him, twisting his legs behind his back. The motion/hold aggravated an old knee injury, and he pleaded, “Please stop! Please stop!” But the deputies only pushed harder. Finally they threw him in a cell, made him wash up for his “interview” and threatened him and told him they were going to press charges against him for assaulting them. (?)

So many more…..

I have cross-posted this from -The Poison Pen- .

I am familiar with one of these stories, and yes, I have researched and read all the other cases Poison pen mentions. We WILL be following up on this. This is absolutely no way to treat ANY of our troops. Seems to me, something is VERY rotten in the OC 'justice' department.

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I am a father of a 5-yr-old boy and I live in San Diego while the mother lives in Orange County. I had my custody case at LeMoreaux last month and lost my case since I bought my son too many toys. Also, I told that I have paranoia and delutional thoughts by th eevaluator. I suppose this is how the court would discredit me for bringing up Title IV-D and how the state is making money from the Federal Supoprt Incentive Program.
I am looking for a lawyer who can help me file a federal case under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983-1986 against the judges, lawyers, and evaluators. I am also thinking of producing short films about this matter.