Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Keep your head down, and helmet ON!"

"Keep your head down and your helmet on!"

Many of us in the troop support arena often tell our own troops that saying. Head down and helmet on seems to make perfect sense both for our heroes, and for those of us who love them. Now there is news that keeping your helmet on may be causing more than a BIG headache. Dr. Robert Meaders is a retired Captain in the US Navy, Medical Corps. Retired he may be, but Dr. Meaders is far from enjoying a relaxing retirement; he is a man with a mission. Operation Helmet is Dr. Meader's ongoing effort to support our troops. The ongoing mandate of Operation Helmet is to replace the government issued (GI) helmet liners that our troops wear.

Read more here. (Yes, I wrote it, and yes, that IS NewsBlaze!

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Miss Beth and Carla said...

Excellent story Brat. I'm quite certain Team Wendy had no idea of the problems with their liners and it's good the good doctor isn't trying to smear them, simply help. I fear perhaps a lot of the tramautic brain injury MAY be attributable to these liners and did any of them "flame" in these attacks.

Rather than the screechers wanting to point fingers and accuse, I commend the doctor for DOING rather than screaming and pointing.