Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Take Pride

From CJ, comes details of a company with a great way of supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. In a column on, CJ describes a company Take Pride:

TakePride is a grassroots effort started by young artists and former members of the military to re-define what it means to support the troops by using art, style and the stories of real-life Americans at war. Their line of contemporary t-shirts has received more nationwide media attention and motivated more young Americans to be involved in this cause than any other symbol of support. TakePride donates a minimum of 20 percent of its profits to the Wounded Warrior Project.

My favorite shirts are the “1776″ and “a boy, a bear, & a Soldier” t-shirts. Today they launched the “a boy, a bear, & a Soldier” t-shirt - inspired by an amazing story told by Mike Geary, a 23-year-old Army Sergeant stationed in Iraq.

In 2005, when he was 20-years-old, Mike’s life, and the life of every member of his squad, was saved by a young Iraqi child. At the time, Mike was serving his first tour in Iraq, running combat patrols in Tikrit. A day after handing out stuffed animals to Iraqi children gathered in front of his base, Mike was traveling down a nearby highway when he noticed one of the young boys from the previous day standing with his hand raised in the middle of the road directly ahead of his Humvee convoy....

To find out what happened next, and to find the link to Take Pride go here.

Be sure and click on the pictures of the different shirts. Each one has the story of the inspiration behind each design. Not only raising funds for a great cause, but honouring some specific heroes too. Very cool!



K-Dubyah said...


I've got several of their t-shirts, which I bought last year to support this...
I love my shirts. I continue to receive emails from Ryan when new shirts come out. In fact I've been eyeing the one you like too.
Reckon I need to go "get er done"!

Claire said...

Hoorah! Our Brat has her own blog! Woot! I linked you and News Blaze in my sidebar, and I am going to do a small write up letting people know.

Anonymous said...

I've also linked to you. Looks good. Good luck with it. While I'm not a huge fan of Wounded Warrior Project's greedy leadership by any means, they do great things for our troops. So, sharing information that is good for them is sort of bitter/sweet for me.

Terri Rager said...

I don't know much about the Wounded Warrior Program, but I do know that when my son arrived at Walter Reed in a hospital gown from Germany, he was given a nice backpack with real clothes and shoes and toiletries, compliments of them. Which motivated him to get out of bed and roam the hallways with his Mom and get his strength up to come home. So, yeah, I support them, for sure!