Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Robin Long

From the CBC:

Friends of U.S. army deserter say he faces deportation on Monday

Published: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 | 12:24 AM ETCanadian Press: THE CANADIAN PRESS

VANCOUVER - Friends of a U.S. army deserter who failed to get refugee status in Canada say the 25-year-old who fled to Canada to avoid serving in Iraq is facing deportation this week.

Supporters of Robin Long say he learned Friday at a hastily called deportation hearing that the Canada Border Services Agency plans to send him back to the U.S. as early as next Monday.

"This is quite a bombshell in what we thought was a pretty routine administration hearing," said Bob Ages of the Vancouver War Resisters Support Campaign.

Long had been arrested for allegedly failing to report in by telephone, Ages said.

"Rather than just getting a finger waving or upping his bond, they say, 'There's no point in releasing him because we're deporting him tomorrow."'...

Read the rest here. According to everything I read today, Long failed to report to wherever he was supposed to last Thursday - a telephone call, or some other major inconvenience for him. And, oh yes, he was arrested July 4th...:)

Now, of course the war resisters are up in arms (yes, pun and going to be rallying etc...blah blah blah. If you want to know more about Long and his fellow American war resisters, go here.

I understand about having principles and all, really I do. But again, I read that Long received orders to Iraq in 2005. No military genius here, but that tells me he signed on with the military after we had gone to Iraq. What did he think he would be doing in the military? Basketweaving? And, if he is that adamant that the war in Iraq is wrong, why NOT stay in the US and go a legal route? Ya know, like stand by his principles? There appear to be more than a few lawyers willing to step up and defend him.

The insanity continues!


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BFree said...

Good grief. Is there perhaps another vacant island somewhere we can use for these mindless folks? I am just saying....
Honestly, NO ONE in the military, the VOLUNTEER military wants a DESERTER (sp?) being FORCED upon them. NOT ONE true blue bona fide soldier would ever want a soldier with them that didnt want to be there. That is how our TRUE heroes get killed.
So there a vacant island somewhere we can send these mindless warped idiots the furthest portion of the polar caps or something?