Friday, July 25, 2008

URGENT help needed!

Via Soldiers' Angels forum ANGEL ALERT! With permission to spread this call for help far and wide:

One of our heroes from Rogers, Arkansas, (PFC Rebecca B.), had a tragedy occur when she got home for R & R. She arrived home around noon on Wednesday, and around 11:00 PM that night, her family's home burned to the ground. She's due to go back on Aug 11 but if family doesn't have a place to stay by the Aug 4 she can stay longer.

PLEASE can you help them?? Walmart & Target cards would be greatly appreciated.

I have their address and she will be getting sizes for clothes for the family. Rebecca doesn't ask for anything for herself...she told me "Ma'am, I'm good, I'm going back to Iraq, please help my family".

To get this address, either email me, or the SA who is co-ordinating this effort.:

Let's get this one taken care of ASAP! Thank you.....

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Anonymous said...

Taking it to the mil families at myspace and milblogs!
Thanks for the heads-up!