Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Political Science 101 anyone?

Much is being written these days about Obama. No, I am not referring to the sycophants in the msm who have swallowed his empty rhetoric hook, line and sinker. I mean the stuff written by Americans who have a brain, and who use it to question, think for themselves. I found an interesting - FACT filled piece - which should be read far and wide before America goes like lemmings over the cliff.

Obama For Sale

Obama announced he would become the first major party candidate to forgo public financing ....we all know this. It means he will garner funding from "private" donors.

Who are the "private donors?"

Obama raised $22 million in May for his presidential campaign, his weakest fundraising month this year, and ended the month with $43 million cash on hand....interesting.

Hillary Clinton's loyal donors have already contributed the maximum to her campaign, so she needs some new sources of money to settle her debts. That's where Obama comes in _ his donors help her out, her donors help him. Suspicious.

People have forgotten that Obama has Oprah in his back pocket for a funding source.

Who else does Obama have?

Who are the "private donors?"

Are the "books" cooked?

Can the public see where the money train ends in the private sectors? We can see the PUBLIC records--the link is below. What about the private records?

Hypothetically, is it possible that since Obama is so well loved in places like Hamas, Iran, Cuba, ORGANIZATION OF THE PEOPLE'S HOLY WARRIORS OF IRAN, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF RESISTANCE (NCR), PEOPLE'S MUJAHEDDIN ORGANIZATION, Islamic radicals, Yousef al-Khattab.....that a large portion of his "private funding" have end-roads with these groups?

I say again, OBAMA FOR SALE.

OBAMA FOR SALE----To the best donors, with the deepest pockets and best script writers....

You think that this kind of information might have to do with WHY Senator Obama flip flopped from his original position of supporting public funding for campaigns, to now private funding? I guess I, too, would go for private funding if I had such money backers. And yes, there are names in this piece. The rest can be found at Poison Pen here. Go, read, and be educated.

Next up:

An Open Letter To Jack “Cold-Blooded” Murtha

By Online Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Congressman Murtha,

Were I you sir, I would hang my head in shame and pray to my Creator, begging His forgiveness for the pain that I’ve caused innocent people. And then I would perform some serious personal introspection to see what I could possibly do to begin the process of restitution for my crimes.

But you won’t because you have no shame.

As a member of the House of Representatives, you took a solemn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Despite what you may believe personally, taking that oath also means upholding the constitutional rights of the ever-expanding list of US Marines and other service-members who are unfortunate enough to have their tactical battlefield decisions dissected and judged by people in the comfort of air-conditioned facilities thousands of miles away.

You appeared on national television, looked the American people in the eye and told us that you had it on good authority that four Marines committed murder and four others covered it up.

It is you who murdered the truth in cold blood. You lied and you’re covering it up....

You’ve brought incalculable anguish upon the parents, spouses, siblings and children of eight innocent men based on nothing more than enemy propaganda planted by a Sunni agent of al Qaeda. And while you were busy trying to kill the rest of our military in Iraq; starving them of food and ammunition by tying up war funding with a morass of beaurocracy; people like me were busy listening to the anguished father of a Marine as he poured his heart out over the injustice perpetrated against his son. People like me were busy listening to the pleas of patriots such as Dave Wuterich, Andrew Grayson and Darryl Sharrratt, as they simply asked America not to prejudge these cases. But I found myself in a very tiny minority and it was due –in large part– to your public pronunciation of murder in cold blood, the stain of which your hands shall never be cleansed of....

That piece is written by Jayme Evans, U.S.N(Ret.), and he has much more to say about Murtha.
He adds an eloquent voice of condemnation to the chorus calling Murtha on his actions. You really should read the rest on Canada Free Press here.

In my opinion, it is the DUTY of every American voter to inform themselves on the issues, and their political hacks (mmmm, I mean 'representatives' of The future of America is far too important to have not only an abysmal voter turnout at the polls, but to have that electorate make uninformed choices. Class is ended - for now!

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Anonymous said...

Among those shot by the Marines: a one-year-old girl, a three-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. Which of these was done by Jack “Cold-Blooded” Murtha?