Friday, February 11, 2011


Work begins on essential Helmand road

A Military Operations news article

8 Feb 11

Work is underway to build a new road which will form an important transport link for locals in an area of Helmand province where security is provided by British troops.

Construction of Route Trident, Helmand

A British soldier provides protection for engineers as work continues on the construction of Route Trident at Loy Mandeh, a few kilometres north of the Route Morpheus improvements (stock image)
[Picture: Petty Officer Airman (Photographer) Sean Clee, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

The new road project, known as Route Morpheus, will link Marjah and Gereshk and strike at the heart of the Taliban's tactic of laying roadside bombs.

The major scheme will see the current route improved and a large stretch connecting it to Lashkar Gah surfaced with tarmac. Properly surfaced roads make it much more difficult for insurgents to conceal improvised explosive devices which target troops as well as ordinary people going about their lives, causing death and injury.

The road will also provide a tremendous boon to the area and the wider province in a number of ways as it will improve transit ability and freedom of movement for local people as well as ISAF and Afghan security forces.

Local businesses will also prosper as the new road will mean quicker, easier and safer access to markets and people's homes. People will be able to bring more goods to market more quickly, and with less intimidation from insurgents....

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