Saturday, February 26, 2011

Release the Hounds: K9's on the frontlines

From War on Terror News:

K9's Key in Combatting Drugs/Explosives in Afghanistan

Karo and SSgt Michael Stevens

Bringing more bark to fight
by Tech. Sgt. Stacia Zachary USAF

FORWARD OPERATING BASE LAGMAN, Afghanistan -- To counter the growing improvised explosive device threat in Afghanistan, as well as detect the well-established drug trade here, the increased use of military working dogs have become a critical part of daily operations. Not only can they detect explosives and drug hoards, they can actively engage the enemy and alert the patrols of imminent danger.

"The dogs bring to the fight an inherent ability to sense things that we couldn't even begin to perceive," said Tech. Sgt. Paul Rasmussen, Combined Team Zabul kennel master.

"They can smell things that could be bad news for us, like explosive
caches and [improvised explosive devices]. It's almost like a sixth sense because they can sense something out of the ordinary well before we could detect it."...

There is much more to this story of some of my favourite heroes. Head over to WOTN here.

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