Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where is Obama, as Libya erupts?

According to the BBC, President Obama has finally commented on the situation in Libya:

Libya protests: Obama condemns 'outrageous' crackdown

US President Barack Obama has said the violent crackdown by the Libyan authorities on peaceful protesters is "outrageous and unacceptable".

Mr Obama said the world had to speak with "one voice", and that the US was drawing up a range of options for action in consultation with its allies.

The Libyan government would be held accountable for its actions, he added....

More here. BHO's reticence in speaking out against the atrocities in Libya has been noted by more than Americans.

From Israel National News comes this:

Where is Obama? Explaining US Caution on Libya

by Amiel Ungar

Where is Obama?

This was the question posed by the Washington Post's and formerly Commentary blogger Jennifer Rubin. As opposed to staking out a clear position as he had done in the Egyptian crisis, the president of the United States has been surprisingly reticent on Libya. The restrained comments that were issued on Libya have been delegated to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the new Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Libya was ostensibly a no brainer, since Libyan strongman Qaddafi is universally loathed in the United States. The level and ferocity of the repression that he has launched against what he calls 'the rats' invites a strong response.

Whereas in Egypt, American politicians were cautious, on Libya they have been more up front. Republican Senators John Kyl and Mark Kirk released a joint statement calling upon Obama to speak out clearly in support of the Libyan people. Some Republicans, such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich enjoyed goading the president. Gingrich accused Obama of practicing a conspiracy of silence when dealing with anti-American governments such as Libya and Iran....

Read the rest here.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is urging Americans to leave Libya:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Americans to leave Libya immediately and said the U.S. will examine “all possible options” to respond to the violence of the Qaddafi regime.

“Everything will be on the table,” Clinton told reporters at a joint news conference today at the State Department in Washington with Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota.

Before taking punitive measures such as economic sanctions, Clinton said, the U.S. wants to consult with other countries to better evaluate a “fluid” and “uncertain” situation in Libya.

“First, we have to get the international community together,” Clinton said.

She urged Americans in Libya “to depart immediately” and to contact the U.S. embassy for assistance if needed...

More at Bloomberg here.

Pay attention.

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