Saturday, February 12, 2011

TSA: Gatekeepers of America

Could this be the next weapon in DHS' arsenal for securing the American borders from terrorists? No, I don't mean those 'right wing radicals, bitter, gun toting, Bible clingers' who are apparently already walking among us. You know who you are!

Found this a while ago. Have no idea who created this, so if you do, let me know and I'll acknowledge them.

All appears quiet on the airport front, and we haven't had any recent glaring headlines of the gropers molesting women and children. Does this mean all is well on the TSA front, as we have resigned ourselves - like sheep - to the every day sexual assaults from aggressive strangers? Does this mean initial objections have been silenced, and that we are all now safe on the streets and in the malls? Not at all. I am sure Janet whatsername is working really hard at ensuring Americans' safety. No, really I AM sure, and now you, too, can do your part for a safer America. (No, Bible clingers need not apply, but could 'concealed carry' come to mean our Bibles, rather than our guns? Just wondering.)

Hey, we can't all work for the TSA, but we can do our part! Yes, we can. Janet has now enlisted WalMart shoppers to 'say something, see something.'

To my 'fellow Americans': As you go to the mall today, be careful out there.

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