Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Yon Conspiracy Over Tarnak

Once again, War on Terror News traces Yon's own words and behavior to separate the truth from the fiction that Yon has persisted in weaving.

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The Yon Conspiracy Over Tarnak

NotSureTalibHLI'm going to start this one with some admissions of ignorance by Yon, in his own words. I'll then look at how he went from praising General McChrystal, to calling for his head, and examining where Yon's vindictive headhunting took him.

So Yon has been covering the wars for years, and claimed in 2006 that we were losing the War in Afghanistan, but in May of 2010, he still doesn't know who the Taliban even are. That could be a post of its own. I don't expect everyone to understand who the Taliban are, but I do expect the expert combat Journalist, who makes a living by asking people to donate money to his time in country, (and his extended vacations in Thailand) to understand who the Taliban are. I'll bet readers here could educate him.


But Yon also admits he doesn't know what's going on in the bigger picture. You know, I could give him this one, if it weren't for the fact that he had been prolifically declaring the General who does know is "incompetent." I've never "blogged" from a combat zone as has Yon, but I've served as a Warrior in more than one. I know that it's difficult to focus on the forest while also seeing the tree. When you're taking small arms fire, it's hard to care who's watching on the big screen in Bagram, or what they think of how your piece fits into the strategic picture...

Yes, WOTN has more, much more as they document Yon's 'expert' pronouncements on matters that, to this (unschooled in military matters) civilian, he really was not qualified to speak about. You can find the rest HERE.

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